We are so certain of our over 18 years of expert admissions advice and results that we guarantee success!

As a result of our high acceptance rate over the last 6 years, our amazing  acceptance rate in 2016,  and the fact that we are so confident with our results, we are  offering a  Assurance Admissions Program (AAP).

We are so confident with our results that we are providing an admissions advising program with a money-back guaranteeWe target the elite U.S. private schools, Ivy League and highly selective colleges and universities; and medical, graduate and law schools for our clients.

1. How can we provide a AAP?  We leverage our broad network of educational contacts and relations to help  maximize a favorable presentation and outcome.  We continually visit schools and maintain working relationships with school directors of admissions and senior admissions personnel. By exchanging ideas with admissions officers, we get insight in what is expected on applications for acceptance.  For AAP, we qualify students based on our comprehensive assessment and review of their student profiles.

2.  Why AAP?  It’s the BEST investment in your child’s future!

3. What is the guarantee?  We 
GUARANTEE  that if your child is not admitted to one of his/her selected top-choice 5 schools, our entire AAP fee will be refunded in full. 

4. Why should you consider AAP?  Because you want certainty and assurance: acceptance results !  You don't want to fail and have your child to be rejected!  And you want a
money-back guarantee!

Why hire us instead of other educational consultants? Other educational consultants promise, but we back what we say we will do with a money-back guarantee in our  Assurance Admissions Program

When "shopping"  for an independent educational consultant, simply ask if they provide a money-back guarantee.  We won't be surprised if they say NO.   If they say NO, ask them why?