For international students and parents:  The U.S. admissions process is complicated, overwhelming, complex and stressful.  International parents and students need to work with a trusted global admissions expert.  Dr. Lowe and his team makes the U.S. admissions process uncomplicated, smooth and easy.  As an admissions expert, he visits each top educational institutions several times through out the year to obtain insight and knowledge to help his clients.  Most importantly, you work directly with Dr. Lowe so that you gain admissions to top U.S. private schools, Ivy League and highly selective colleges and top U.S. medical, graduate and law schools.  Please visit our International Admissions Advisors affiliate. 

As an immigrant, Dr. Lowe truly understands, from an international perspective, the worth and value of having a superior U.S. education as a long-term strategic asset.  He was born in Jamaica, W. I. and attended excellent U.S. elementary, middle and high schools.   Dr. Lowe received a B.A. in Biology, minored in physics from Brown University, a M.D. from Boston University School of Medicine, a Certificate in Advanced Management Studies from Yale School of Management, and a Certificate in College Counseling from Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions  He also attended Harvard Institute for Higher Education's Professional Development Programs.  All three of his children were accepted early decision to Ivy League schools.  His wife, Dr. Nadine Cartwright-Lowe, managing director of Medical School Admissions Advisors, is a graduate of Brown University's Combined BA/MD Program. 

Why Hire Us Instead of Other Independent Educational Consultants ?

Please view our 4-part film presentation on:  Why Hire Dr. Lowe and His Team of Admissions Advisors? 

Why Dr. Lowe As Your Private Admissions Advisor and Independent Educational Consultant?

Dr. Lowe is the contributing college and private school admissions blogger/writer for "Party With Moms" and "Dr. Paul Lowe Admissions Expert - Blog".

  • "A goal without a plan is just a wish" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" - Benjamin Franklin
  • "If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else" - Yogi Berra

Dr. Lowe and his team truly understand that admissions acceptance is not a game of chance.  By developing personalized admissions action plans for each client as it pertains to each of their target schools and recognizing that an action plans is a dynamically changing work-in-progress, his clients are accepted to their top-choice schools.

You want to hire an admissions expert whose clients are accepted to top U.S. private schools, Ivy League and highly selective colleges and top U.S. medical, graduate and law schoolsnot just any school. "Top qualified applicants, after all their hard work (and parents' work) and preparation deserve the best and should not settle for less."- Dr. Paul R. Lowe 

Ivy League and high-selective colleges and universities use holistic approach and review assessments to admit qualified applicants.   Dr. Lowe and his team of admissions experts understand the holistic approach and use this understanding to develop strategies for their clients so that they are admitted to their top-choice collegesClick here or the image for a review of holistic process and what we can do to help you.

You have been rejected from your top-choice schools!  You can do nothing, accept it and settle for less?  Or do you hire an admissions advisor who specializes in off-waitlisted and rejection-to-acceptance advisory services. See Dr. Lowe's articles on this subject.   Dr. Lowe and his team are the go-to-experts for students who wish to be removed from the waitlist or have been rejected and desire to attend their top-choice schools.  For:  private schools | colleges.

We Know What You Don't Know!

And then there are our superior track record and results! 

We have recognized and known for years that admissions is not formulaic.  The factors as to why an applicant is accepted changes from year to year and may depend on changes in admissions personnel, school policies, school missions, department demands and recruitment efforts.  The only constant is that they change!  Dr. Lowe and his team visit schools annually (some twice annually)!  They are out in the admissions and education field and continuously correspond with administrators, admissions personnel and faculty.  Our Admissions Knowledge Networks (AKN) provides Dr. Lowe and his team with cutting-edge knowledge and insider perspective that gives their clients that admissions advantage to stand out and get into their top-choice schools!

You were accepted to or are currently attending your 2nd, 3rd choice or safety school.  You want an upgrade!  Other educational consultants may say its a "good fit" and stay there.  We say that after all your hard work, why settle for less.  You deserve an upgrade to a better private school or college.  Visit:College  Transfer Admissions Advisors|Transfer to Ivy Leagues|Private School Admissions Advisors.

There are thousands of independent educational consultants globally, hundreds in your geographical area and perhaps 1- 10 in your local area/town.

The real question is why should you choose Dr. Paul Lowe and his team of admissions experts to achieve your educational dream?  Our 2019 Acceptance Results!

We specialize in helping our clients to successfully gain admission into U.S. private schools, Ivy League and highly selective colleges and top U.S. medical, graduate and law schools.  We provide concierge-type admissions advisory services  that covers every aspect of our clients' admissions journey, thereby ensuring that they are accepted into their top-choice schools! 

What’s your personal “wow factor” that makes you stand out and get accepted.   What is a personal "wow factor”?  Your charisma, confidence, motivation, initial-impression, appearance, communication skills, attitude, self-esteem, authenticity, presence, harmony and vibe.  What personal characteristics are truly unique, captivating and exciting about you?  How will you proactively contribute and or passively transfer these characteristics to your classmates, teachers, professors and the specific school community.   It’s a factor that your admissions officer will look for as well as discuss with the other admissions committee members as to the reason you should be accepted or rejected.  Dr. Lowe and his team of admissions experts (and image consultants, character education experts and ethnomusicologists) help you nurture, develop and express your "wow factor" so you can get accepted!  Our strategies make admissions officers say "Wow! We want this student!"

Admissions to elite private schools, Ivy League and highly selective colleges and top U.S. medical, graduate and law schools is a competitive sport.  By using our cutting-edge knowledge, insider perspective and experience, we help our clients WIN, rather than settle!  Our clients are WINNERS in the admissions game.  Don't you want to be a WINNER

Dr. Lowe and his team of admissions experts provide  in-home, private, and one-on-one consultations  for clients  who live near our regional offices.  It's just another part of ourconcierge-type service!

Other independent educational consultants may claim how they can help you.  Our clients are happy to describe why we are the best in this industry.  Read our testimonials.

In the competitive admissions process, applicants who stand out are accepted.  The cultural, intellectual, racial, ethnic and professional diversity by our design, within our team, helps us identify what makes our clients stand out and get into their top-choice schools!  Don't you want to hire a firm (Dr. Lowe and his team) that is DIVERSE, and understands and embraces DIVERSITY so that you will stand out and get accepted?  Admissions committees are DIVERSE groups that seek to admit a DIVERSE incoming class of applicants!  Understanding DIVERSITY and how it plays out in admissions selection gives our clients a Diversity Competitive Advantage!