• Our exclusivity allows us to provide undivided attention, commitment and principal availability to each client.

  • By ensuring that our services are resourceful, discreet, private and proactive, we assure  admissions success.

  • By leveraging our longstanding and trusted relationships coupled with our extensive admissions network, we place our clients in truly advantageous positions.

  • We are certain that our services provide access that you don't have.

  • Our proprietary knowledge of top private schools and colleges give our clients the competitive edge to win in any admissions game.

  • We enhance our clients' educational value and educational pedigree.

  • We understand and therefore conduct admissions diplomacy and politics to help our clients meet their admissions goals.

  • We can anticipate unintended consequences and unexpected challenges so that our clients can be successfully admitted.

  • We make the seemingly impossible possible.

  • We help our clients know what they don't know!

  • Our exclusive services are not for everyone.

ConciergE Type Services

Our exclusive concierge-type admissions advisory services assures our clients' educational dreams and futures.